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Innovation Fund Denmark recently released the report “Bridging the talent gap in Denmark: Insights from female representation in STEM”. The document explores gender diversity and the imbalance in Denmark through the latest data on female representation in leadership, including research and entrepreneurship.

Denmark has fallen behind other Nordic countries and international peers on the share of women in leadership, and improvements have been modest. (Source)

More news and facts on the global status

An article published in Nature on March 20, 2019, shows that women scientists get less money and personnel for their first laboratories. According to the UK survey, women who start research groups face more obstacles than their male peers. The survey found that men gain the funding impulse more easily, allowing them to build a critical mass faster to expand numbers in their labs.

Read the article “Women who win prizes get less money and prestige” recently published in Nature. The study focuses on biomedical awards over five decades showing men receive more cash and more respect for their research than women do.