We are proud to announce that on February 11th 2021 DANWISE facilitated an online conference that gathered 15 rectors from Danish institutions and 12 other organization representatives to discuss the needs and possibilities of a tailored model for reaching gender equality in Denmark.

This event was organised by DANWISE and sponsored by the Danish National Commission for UNESCO, Teknologipagten and DM (Dansk Magisterforening). The Gender Equality in Academia and Research Network (GEAR) greatly contributed to develop this event.

Our Chairman Vanessa Hall introduced the conference by illustrating the grounds for seeking a model in Denmark and the aims of this unique event. She invited participants to explore thoughts and processes of how a national model for gender equality in higher education might accelerate closure of the gender gap in academia. And based on the fact that the leaky pipeline is more accentuated in Denmark compared to other Scandinavian countries, how a unified strategic approach across all Danish higher education could improve effectiveness and fast track the process.

Among the key participant organizations we had universities, international representatives of models successfully applied and Danish grant bodies, as funding is critical for scientists to continue their research and pursue their academic aspirations.

Throughout the event all participants were encouraged to express their position and we had an exciting debate on the subject with a general consensus that much can be done, and it is now on the Danske Universiteter’s agenda to continue the discussion and move forward.

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